Tai Chi health benefits

As tai chi is practiced slowly, no oxygen debt builds up during practice, so it is suitable for many people who suffer chronic illness, such as high blood pressure. The Chinese authorities recently carried out fitness tests on regular practitioners of the Short Form (24), comparing their health with a similar group of non practitioners. Tai chi students had more efficient circulatory and respiratory systems and metabolisms.

Other clinical tests have shown that tai chi can be beneficial for people suffering from insomnia, anxiety and debilitating psychological states. It instils and maintains good health and fitness in people of all ages.

Regular practice prevents onset of illness and can prove effective in the treatment of common ailments and debilitating conditions. Muscles, energy, balance and control are improved.

Clinical trials in China have confirmed that it is especially good for older people but people of all ages and walks of life can benefit from its hauntingly beautiful exercises. In some universities, tai chi is studied by young students as a subject in itself.

– CIRCULATORY SYSTEM – The heart muscle is strengthened and blood pressure regulated. Blood circulation is improved and the veins are kept elastic and supple. Tai Chi does not accelerate the heart like vigorous exercise.

– RESPIRATORY SYSTEM – The benefits are enormous for lungs and they are made stronger

– MUSCULAR SYSTEM – tai chi won’t give you big muscles, but will tone them beautifully. Good muscle tone depends on exercise and an efficient blood supply and tai chi provides both of these. Ligaments and tendons that connect the muscles to the bones are strengthened. All the joints of the body are used and the muscles and tendons greatly stretched, keeping them in good shape. Muscles become more supple.

– SKELETAL SYSTEM – Bones are strengthened, preventing them from becoming brittle. Posture and balance are improved. Arthritis and rheumatism are greatly helped with regular practice.

– NERVOUS SYSTEM – tai chi creates harmony and calm throughout the entire nervous system, relaxes the mind and improves the physical and mental co-ordination. It helps concentration, increasing mental clarity, and hormone balance is corrected.