What is healing?

Healing is recognised as therapy by the NHS and doctors can refer patients to healers.

In healing, the practitioner provides the energy by being a ‘channel’. The energy is not forced in by the healer; it is drawn in through the healer by the receiver from another energy system. For optimal results, the patient needs to be willing and open minded. Healing is non-invasive and is a process of revitalisation and release at a very profound level that helps the body heal at its own pace and it its own way.

When a patient is in really poor health, they will be able to draw only very little energy in the first session. But, after a few days, what little energy has been absorbed will enable the person to absorb more and more energy through the healer during next sessions.

Healing has no side effects and complements any other treatment that you may be having, whither it is an orthodox treatment and/or another complementary therapy.

I have now retired from practising complementary therapies professionally, but have left healing information on here for visitors to the website.

Healing session

During a healing session, the patient can choose to either sit on a chair or lie on a treatment couch. Healing is given with the patient fully clothed except for outdoor wear and shoes. Patient will be invited to relax, generally to soft music, and close their eyes.

Healers generally work with their hands at a short distance from the person’s body or sometimes using a light touch with the patient’s consent.

The receiver may experience a variety of sensations during the healing session, such as warmth or coolness, tingling or pressure and even occasionally pain coming to the surface, then diffusing as healing proceeds. Some patients feel very little but the healing is just as effective.

Healing is about restoring the balance in the receiver and can help with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions and there may be even times when the person experiences some kind of emotional relief as part of the healing process. The outcome of a healing session may be beneficial in unexpected ways and not necessarily immediately but sometimes several days later or even gradually over a period of time.

Healing can help:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Alleviate aches and pains
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Relieve stress & tension
  • Ease depression & anxiety
  • Promote relaxation
  • Help heal faster after surgery
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Help improve confidence
  • Help with bereavement
  • Support recovery from effects  of traumas (ie abuse/accident)
  • Help find our purpose in life
  • Help with our spiritual path
  • Promote chakra balancing
  • Ease emotional and psychological conditions
  • Heal the body, mind, spirit and emotions

To be a healer:

A healer needs a pure loving approach and to care. Touch is therapeutic and heals. Healers need to practice healing with good intent, love and compassion.

Healers need to be grounded and centred. When healers aim to help others, their minds open, their chakras are released, and as they connect they feel the extra life force flowing through them, only unconditional love during the healing session will open them properly.

Healers visualise an infinite golden-white light of energy from the cosmos flowing through them to the receiver. By placing their hands on or near the receiver, the patient draws energy from the healer and then experiences a sense of peace and well-being. The patient’s system is revitalised and the healer’s will be revitalised as well in the process.

It is necessary to be properly trained to become a healer and to be well grounded to be able to use healing successfully. Tai chi and qigong practice help the practitioner become grounded and a better channel for the energy.

Distant healing

Distant healing is another method of healing. Since all life is energy, thought is energy too; by just thinking loving healing thoughts towards someone, you will be healing them. The thought itself is the action, using energy of the mind.

You can heal someone living far away, even across the world, you just have to sit quietly, think of them, ask for help and then you will link directly into the healing network. Remember that just by thinking compassionate healing love, it will happen. Part of your mind energy, your life force, will reach that person before you have even thought of the end of their name.

Healing cannot always cure people, as the physical body is sometimes so affected by illness or disease that a complete treatment is impossible. But healing will help ease the pain of mind, body and spirit.

Every act of healing will benefit you as well, by thinking caring thoughts towards someone else and by reflecting your mind outwards, you link it up with the universal life force. Your energy will be opened up, your meridians and chakras systems released from blocks.

Everything that goes out must return through the cycle of life and time and will come round again to benefit you many times over. Heal others and you will heal yourself.