What students say about qigong

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I have been learning Qigong with Zabeth for nearly two years now. She is a wonderful, gentle teacher, she talks you through the exercises and shows every move in detail. She also explains how the energy travels through the body as you do the movements. This makes the class really interesting. Zabeth is also passionate about what she teaches which adds to the lovely atmosphere in the class”.



I have only recently joined Zabeth’s weekly Qigong class, it is very enjoyable and Zabeth is always helpful in explaining the exercises if anyone has any difficulty in understanding them. I look forward to my class every week and feel it is making me more supple and relaxed. It is a fun way to exercise”.



We have attended various Shibashi classes over several years. We know it helps maintain balance flexibility and core muscle strength. It also has a calming effect and helps improve breathing. We thoroughly recommend the Wednesday eve class as Zabeth explains not only how to do the movements but also the reasons why and the specific areas we are exercising. Also it is the only form of exercise recommended by our chiropractor”.

Ed & Sylvia


Qigong helps me settle my mind to concentrate on my creative writing”.



Attending qigong classes for the last 18 months has made a big difference in my life. The breathing techniques I have learnt have enabled me to virtually overcome panic attacks and help me cope with depression. I feel a lot calmer. Zabeth is an excellent tutor and I have met some really nice people”.



I feel that patting the meridians and using energy have been very helpful, it has also helped to open my spirituality more and a better understanding. It has given me a great interest in all that we practise, a great improvement with my health, thanks”.



The main benefit is that the exercises help my stiffness and balance. The slow movements are relaxing and it is good to concentrate on co-ordination. I enjoy the meditation and it is so calming and to close my eyes and listen to a lovely soothing voice, and letting the mind relax is just wonderful. The warm-up exercises is my real favourite and I feel particularly good after doing that”



I feel more aware of energy, more aware of myself and my needs. Learning new things all the time opened my eyes”



The qigong course I have found to be most beneficial both physically and mentally. The course is also giving me the chance of making new friends”



In learning Qigong, along side my Tai Chi, I have found a better balance in my life.
I feel a lot healthier, with more energy & can definitely notice that I feel a difference within myself, for the better. My outlook on life itself has also improved as I try to focus on the positive side of things…….. I have been fortunate to experience Qigong from various different instructors, allowing my own knowledge to grow further.



I felt the remarkable benefits of Qigong immediately as I relaxed right from the start into its practice, as it is easier to learn than Tai Chi. I love Qigong, its grace, diversity, adaptability and practicality as it can be exercised anywhere as so little space is needed. I have been lucky, over the years, to learn it from many excellent teachers and Masters.”