Therapeutic Art & Craft

Creating something you are proud of is always rewarding and inspiring. Art & craft are ideal starting points for this. Working with our hands challenges our creative minds. It is grounding, relaxing and therapeutic.

It is better to set up everything you will need first so that you can then just chill out creatively with everything close at hand and not loose your artistic flow while searching for a missed needed item. Quiet soothing music in the background will also help you enjoy your ‘me’ time and inspire your creativity.

I have taught for three decades art & craft enrichment courses under my name of ‘CraftyArts’ in schools, council holiday activities, clubs, and for able, gifted and talented children in residential education centres across the South-West, and found tremendous benefits creating, developing and delivering art & craft projects. My courses were designed to encourage participants’ imaginative skills, practical techniques and confidence in artistic experimentation and progression.

During my many years of experience developing workshops, I specialised particularly on papier-mâché and collage, and also styles of media for the final touches to my work. I also promoted the use of recycling materials as artistic starting points to encourage people to ‘think outside the box’.

I am self-taught with my artistic skills and I strongly encourage anyone to explore their own potential, no matter what experience or ability they have. There is such diversity in choices to explore artistic skills, it is worth having a go at as many as possible to find the ones that appeal, and then explore those deeper.

The internet offers an endless source of art and craft ideas, libraries have many art and craft books to browse through. Shops that sell end of lines cheaply often have creative books, and even charity shops or carboot-sales!

Good luck and have fun 🙂