Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong

Taiji & Qigong Warm-Ups Set:

(created by Professor Hu Xiaofei & Zhuang Yongchang)

1- Starting Form

2- The Green Dragon Raising it’s Head

3- Dancing Butterfly

4- The Fortune Unicorn Making Waves

5- The Magical Deer Stretching it’s Body

6- The Agile Cat Playing with it’s Tail

7- The White Tiger out of it’s Cave

8- The Heavenly Crane Massaging it’s Knees

9- The Magic Turtle Gathering Qi

10- Closing Form.


Yansheng Foundation Exercises:

(Created by Professor Zhang Guangde and Professor Hu Xiaofei)

– Starting Form

1- Maintenance Dantian

2- Warming up the Mingmen acupoint

3- Activate the Laogong acupoints

4- Laogong acupoints absorb Qi

5- Connect between Heaven and Earth

6- Yongquan (KD1) absorbs Qi from the Earth

7- Dantian restores Qi

8- Qi flows from the Ren to Du meridians

– Closing Form.


Dao Yin Bao jian Gong 1st Form – Dao Yin for General Health:

(created by Professor Zhang Guangde)

– Preparation

1- Regulate the Breath

2- Push the Boat Down Stream

3- Carry the Sun and Moon on the Shoulders

4- The Great Bird Spreads it’s Wings

5- Lift the Great Stone with Power

6- Push the Window to Look at the Moon

7- Brush the Dust into the wind

8- The Ancient Sage Strokes his Beard

– Closing


Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong Shi Er Fa – The 12 step Daoyin Health Preservation Exercises:

(This sequence is a ‘Chinese Health Qigong’ set, but as it was created by Professor Zhang Guangde, I have it under Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong)

1- Beginning of Heaven’s Creation

2- Double Fish Hung on the Wall

3- Old Horse is Stabled

4- Ji Chang Shoots a Louse

5- Bending the Body to Brush the Shoes

6- Rhinoceros Gazes at the Moon

7- Lotus Flower Appears Above the Water

8- Golden Rooster Heralds the Dawn

9- Wild Geese Land on the Beach

10- White Crane Flies High in the Clouds

11- Phoenix Salutes the People

12- Qi and Breath Return to the Origin.


49 Dynamic Meridian Qi Gong:

The 49 Dynamic Meridian Qigong is the first set created by Professor Zhang Guangde. The sequence encourages the energy to circulate in the 12 principal meridians and the 8 ‘extraordinary’ meridians, so completely nourishing the Qi energy circulation of our body.

The complete sequence is divided into four sections:

1. Opening the Channels

2. Circulating Energy

3. Guiding Energy

4. Returning Energy to the Source