What is Reiki?

Reiki, literally translated, means ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. Reiki is an ancient eastern form of hands-on energy healing.

Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese scholar from the 19th century, rediscovered the essence of Reiki in ancient Buddhist teachings written in Sankrit sutras.

Like other complementary therapies which work with this life force, such as acupuncture and shiatsu, Reiki works as a preventive and curative therapy, stimulating the body’s ‘chi’ or ‘intrinsic life energy’ that flows throughout and around our body. We all have an energy field around us, which is connected to our physical body through powerful energy centres called chakras. A diseased condition exists in this energy field before manifesting in our physical body. This is the dimension where the majority of healing is usually needed.

When this energy is blocked, our health systems are diminished and we feel ‘stressed’. When stresses are prolonged, our internal functions can become disrupted. Suppressed, painful emotions from our past, even from our childhood, can affect our present behaviour, confidence, health, relationships and state of mind. Reiki is simple, safe and works on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. Reiki helps release and transform past suffering and stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal.

I have now retired from practising complementary therapies professionally, but have left Reiki information on here for visitors to the website.

Reiki healing can promote & help:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Alleviate aches and pains
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Relieve stress & tension
  • Ease depression & anxiety
  • Promote relaxation
  • Help heal faster after surgery
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Help improve confidence
  • Help with bereavement
  • Support recovery from effects of traumas (ie abuse/accident)
  • Help find our purpose in life
  • Help with our Spiritual path
  • Promote Chakra balancing
  • Ease emotional and psychological conditions
  • Heal the body, mind, spirit and emotions

Reiki healing sessions

Reiki treatments are on an individual basis and usually last about one hour. The receiver lies fully-clothed on a treatment couch or sits in a chair if preferred and the Reiki practitioner will gently places their hands in various positions on, or just above the client’s body. Experiences during a treatment vary from one person to another. You may feel pleasant sensations of warmth, coolness, tingling or other physical sensations. You may experience a very deep sense of peace and relaxation; feel underlying emotions; go into a refreshing sleep; see images or colours; recall memories or receive inspiration on how to resolve a current problem.

Reiki healing treatments are very relaxing. Following treatments, clients feel invigorated, with a sense of wholeness and a calm state of body, mind and spirit. It takes a few days for the energies to be fully absorbed and on rare occasions a client may feel some temporary healing reactions after the first treatment as toxins and negative emotions are released from the body.  During that time a client may feel just a little worse for a short while, which indicates that they are releasing the cause of the symptoms. Drinking plenty of water after sessions helps to flush toxins out of the system and to minimise side effects.

Many people receive Reiki on a regular basis – it is like having a regular MOT for body and soul!

The five principles Dr Mikao Usui devised are as follows:

  1. Just for today, do not worry.
  2. Just for today, do not anger.
  3. Honour your parents, teachers and elders.
  4. Earn your living honestly.
  5. Show gratitude for every living thing.

These principles are given with the intention of meditating on them so that they become a way of living.

What students say about their Usui Reiki training with Zabeth

‘I have really enjoyed this course, it has allowed me to move on from the past and go forward into a great future. I am more confident and have a feeling of knowing myself and being my true self. I want to continue onto the next level. Thank you x’

Anita – Reiki 1

‘Reiki 1 is a fantastic experience – do it! To do it over 10 weeks is, I think, so much better than all in one. Zabeth is a wonderful, loving, wise teacher and I have no doubt you will learn so much that personally benefits you’.

Anna – Reiki 1

‘A whole new enlightening to my world – the benefits and experiences have been eye opening and mind blowing. Can’t wait for Reiki 2! Love Anne’

Anne – Reiki 1

‘This course has been life changing and went beyond my initial expectations. To learn such a vast fascinating subject in a safe environment has been inspiring. This changes for the better how one thinks and copes with life’s problems. I don’t want this course to finish’.

Pat – Reiki 1

‘The course has been wonderful in encouraging positive thinking and asking for what you want in life and seeing the benefits of self-healing both physically and emotionally. Thanks Zabeth you are an inspiration!’

Rosie – Reiki 1

‘I’ve enjoyed the course and it has been life changing for me and glad I now have something that I can use to help myself and help others. It is truly a powerful experience and feel so happy that I’ve done the course. Thank you so much’.

Sarah – Reiki 1

‘The course was an awaking for me. I came with no expectations and left with much insight. Zabeth gently encouraged me to let go of excess baggage’.

Susan – Reiki 1

‘This course became excellent and overcame my expectations. I am looking forward for next step in the future’.

Tad – Reiki 1

‘I attended Zabeth’s one day session on Reiki in 2006 and was impressed and was pleased to do this course. It has fulfilled my expectations in fact exceeded them as I feel I personally have benefited, feeling calmer and spiritually more at ease. My massage clients will also benefit considerably from the skills I acquire when I progress to Reiki 2 next year’.

Christine – Reiki 1

‘I started Reiki 1 in January 2007, I found the history fascinating and the time passed very quickly because we were all enjoying the course. I had four attunements and learnt to practise Reiki on myself, family, friends and my animals. The feedback I had from these sessions were very complimentary and have given me confidence. I have also read various books on the subject and I am looking forward to getting Reiki 2 qualification next year. Zabeth is an excellent teacher’.

Christine – Reiki 1

‘I attended Zabeth’s day course that lead me to complete the Reiki 1 course. Over this time I have learnt self healing and the ability to meditate which has given me such inner peace and calm. My mind is now clear as to my way forward to complete Reiki 2, as I can see how important the Reiki healing abilities will help in my complementary therapies. I enjoyed the course and feel a better person for it’.

Jenny – Reiki 1

‘I was an emotional mess when I started this course, Zabeth and her love have put me on the right path for the future. I would dearly love to continue in Reiki 2 and be able to help others as I have been helped’.

Lena – Reiki 1

‘From an initial interest in Reiki at the beginning of the course, I have now made it an essential part of my life. Zabeth is an excellent teacher who gives so much of herself to each session, and I really hope to learn Reiki 2 with her in the future’.

Marie – Reiki 1

‘Zabeth gives a hundred percent to her students and is happy to. She really cares about our well-being and continues to care long after the class has finished’.

Alissa  – Reiki 2

‘The Reiki courses I’ve followed with Zabeth have been excellent. I’m happy to endorse her teaching methods’.

Caroline – Reiki 2

‘I have really enjoyed the course and have already asked that in a year or two when I am ready, or considered ready, I would like to do my 3rd degree or the first part of my Master’s degree. The things I have learnt about myself and the way I live have given me far more insight into the real way we should be living, the truer way. I have already without noticing altered so much in my life. My healing powers are becoming so much stronger, and I am learning so much more about the human body that I ever learnt before’.

Jacky – Reiki 2

‘Zabeth is a great teacher and a lovely person. Her guidance in Reiki has made an enormous difference to my life and I am thankful that I have had such a person to help me in this important stage in my life path. The group are fast becoming good friends’.

Polly – Reiki 2

‘Zabeth is a brilliant teacher; she has helped with my personal development and my flexibility both with Reiki and Chi-Kung. I have moved on heaps and bounds’.

Renata – Reiki 2

‘At the end of Reiki 2nd degree I feel I have a deeper understanding of Reiki than in Reiki 1st degree as Reiki 2nd degree took me to a greater level on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I found the emotional issues in me quite heavy but was grateful I have been able to deal with them with Reiki. Reiki is such a great gift to have to help others and of course first to help ourselves so we can help others. I feel very grateful and have deep gratitude towards my teacher Zabeth as we were going through the course I felt things were explained thoroughly and Zabeth’s dedication to Reiki really shows in her teaching and I will be eternally grateful to her for the support and teaching I have received. Reiki really has given me a change in life internally and externally, a real feel of connection to the universe’.

R. E. Pinson – Reiki 2