Who can do Tai Chi:


At Bao’s Lung Fei Tai Chi we have a vast age range right up to over 90 years old. Some people are fit and healthy; others have illness, or are recovering from illness, such as arthritis, asthma, blood pressure, back problems, etc. We aim to make the exercises fun and make new friends.

Tai chi can be performed throughout life to maintain and improve flexibility, mobility and vitality, but without the risk of injury associated with some other forms of exercise. No special equipment is needed, just loose clothing and flat, comfortable shoes.

Tai chi involves moving more than qigong and remembering sequences of moves from 10 to 88 sequences of moves depending what level one reaches. If you cannot stand for long, then if nescessary your practice can be adapted to sitting on a chair for all or part of the practice.


Tai Chi can be for one and all,
No matter if you are tall or small,
Just like a hug, one class suits all!

Gentle movements, fun to learn,
Relax and sense your movements flow,
Leaving a class with a healthy glow!

Good for ailments, joints and bones,
Tai Chi aids and lets you grow.
Brain gym for an active mind,
An Exercise that is also kind.

So come along, give it a go….

how else are you going to know?
it helps with balance, can calm one down,
when you feel low it can lift that frown.

A gentle form, slowly paced, if through your day you’ve raced.
Unwind, let go, come and see……..
its easy you just contact me!

Poem by Anne Grossett-Reid of Bao’s Lung Fei Tai Chi 🙂